Sunday, September 30, 2007

Memoir Sections 1-2

Section 1
Anthony Kiedis had been hanging out with his Mexican drug dealer Mario when he realized that he had a concert in Arizona that night with his band The Red Hot Chili Peppers. They decided to go to this house to try and buy some drugs before the show, but as Anthony waited outside two men attacked him with knifes and he blocked the stabs with his only possession his beloved leather coat.Anthony called his friend Lindy to pick him up for the show because he needed somewhere to be. Anthony then talks about how his dad and mom divorced and his dad became a big drug dealer in West Hollywood. He then moved in with his dad and started a new school. He started to like it but he was a social outcast. He finally met a friend named Shawn. Anthony and his dad became very close. In July in the summer of 1975 his mom got remarried to a man named Steve.Anthony then grew apart from Shawn and made a new friend named John. John and Anthony started trying to be pot dealers but it wasn't as great as they thought. Anthony then started highschool at Fairfax High he met a guy his age named Michael Balzary known as Flea. They soon became inseparable they started to get into the punk scene by going to concerts and dressing crazy. Senior year came around and Anthony grades started to slip but he got into UCLA.

I think Anthony has a very interesting life. It is full of chaos and confusion. His dad is a drug dealer and Anthony has gotten into drugs which is a bad thing, but i think it will make for a very interesting life. So far I am really enjoying the book and Anthony likes to put metaphors throughout the book which I love.

Section 2
10 loaded words:
- exponentially

It's loaded because it means to increase by a lot.
My reaction is shocked because he is saying his drug use increased exponentially, which is bad. negative reaction.
It means to be engaged then dumped badly
I feel sad because he's talking about a single mother who needed helped raising her kids. negative reaction.
Ii means to protect oneself like as in a capsule. Protect feelings
He talks about how he is trying to protect his heart from a girl named Haya.negative reaction.
It means to make obvious. Can't not notice.
His drug used got really bad and he couldn't stop and everyone started noticing. negative reaction.
It means barely, no-one
It was there third show and they're wasn't really anyone there. negative reaction.
Mean, Rude
People were giving them mean looks about their music. negative reaction.
Vibrant, Outgoing
He was wearing a very flamboyant outfit. positive reaction.
not respectable, doesn't care, not responsible
Jennifer's dad thought Anthony was a hooligan. positive reaction.
trying to deceive, put off.
He was giving his landlord objects instead of money while he was spending the money on drugs. negative reaction.
really careful.
he used to be careful about cleaning needles but now he didn't care. negative reaction.

When Anthony started UCLA his drug habits got much worse. His good friends Hillel, Donde and Flea decided to make a band. Donde was one guitar, Flea on bass and Anthony would sing. Anthony wasn't too happy because he wasn't sure he could really sing but he went along with it. Further into his year at UCLA he needed money so he started doing random crappy jobs like watching dogs and cleaning houses. Anthony then met a girl named Haya he was starting to fall for her but he kept his emotions to himself because he didn't want to get hurt. He got a job at a graphic company but then soon became a cocaine and heroine addict.In 1981 he decided UCLA did not fit his wild lifestyle and dropped out.Him and Flea started living on the street but it didn't bother them. Anthony realized he didn't just have to sing in his band, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, he could also rap. He played his first show sober and he had a huge adrenaline rush. He started writing more songs. Flea, Hillel and Anthony then moved into a apartment together. Flea and Anthony could either pay their rent or buy theses nice leather jackets and they bought the leather jackets. Their third show they played only wearing socks covering their family jewels. A man named Eric saw them that night and offered to be their lawyer. Hillel then quit the band and they got a new member Dix. Anthony met a girl named Jennifer and was in awe of her. They didn't like how Dix played the guitar so they fired him. Flea then threatened to quit because Anthony's drug use was very bad. The Band got a producer named Andy Gill. Jennifer's and Anthony relationship was starting to rely on heroine and other drugs. Anthony then decided he should visit his mother but on the way he got in a car accident and was put in the hospital for one week. After the accident he went to a hotel and did a week long drug binge. Jack then quit the band and Flea and Anthony want Hillel back but they need to find him.

I think Anthony is going down a bad road especially with his relationship with Jennifer. His band seems to be getting more serious with their music though. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are really starting to invent themselves now when all the big bands at the time were band like Poison. I think it's interesting what is happening because his life is just so random and adventurous I really enjoy this book.

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