Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Post 4 Outside Reading

Post A:

Feebly(135):physically weak

Juke(165):to make a move intended to deceive

"Helen suddenly wasn't feeling right. Too airy, almost weightless, like the forces holding her earthbound had taken a hit. She tried to breathe in deeply, to center herself, but her rhythm was screwy: she could inhale okay, but as soon as she tried to exhale she'd be inhaling again, as if her body was trying to puff itself up with air, aiding buoyancy"(145)

Stephen's mom like everyone else in the family has been feeling weird lately and haven't gone back to their usually selves. This quote shows an example of that, Helen thinks she is floating away from the earth.

Post B:

Stephen has been hanging out with his girlfriend Nicole a lot more lately. They have been drawing their comic books more and more and the story lines relate to there life. The man who hit Francis's car and killed him came and visited the family. Stephen then wrote a comic about a villain and, the villain resembles the man in the car and is very bad and accidentally kills or hurts innocent people.Helen Stephen's mother goes crazy and thinks she will float away.She goes to the Emergency Room and they give her depressants but they don't work so, she checks into a mental hospital for three days.She feels as though her husband doesn't love her anymore as shown in this quote. "Where did it all go? Passion and love, those crazy kids, must have run off together, she though.'Come back you liars' she asked of them. Or maybe it was the waves that night at the dunes, wetting the sand again and again, that whispered lies to Helen about continuance , that Gene's love would stay, that the children she would someday bear would grow up and grow old. Or was it Gene who said, and sang, those lies."(158)As you can see she is deeply saddened by her husband. Having her son Francis die is making her re-think all her relationships.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Post 3 Outside Reading

Post A:

(pg 100)Fared: to turn out.
(pg 110)Begrudgingly:to be reluctant to give.

"Above him, the sky was a deep seawater blue, perfect for swimming in if his brother was still up there, and the sun was curling light into everything living, including Stephen. It was late June, and ever though his brother was still very dead at least life was starting to cook."(pg 96)

This quote is significant because Stephan still misses his brother and thinks about him often, but is very pleased that friends and family have started to move on a little. Things are slowly going back to as normal as they can be.

Post B:

Wolfboy is very deep. It shows the inner turmoil someone goes through when something tragic happens. Stephen always thinks about Francis and swear he sees him everywhere they used to go together. It is how he copes with his death. He goes to the woods a lot and "talks" to Francis or just wanders and looks at mushrooms. Francis was fascinated by mushrooms. Stephen has become very interested in them and has started doing everything his brother loved. His father is still very upset and same with his mother. Stephen feels as though she doesn't even notice him anymore and is deeply saddened."Stephen panicked, felt too far away from his own life. He climbed down quickly and ran into the house.' I'm Home,' he said loudly.' I didn't know you were not home' Helen said from the kitchen."(pg 100) That quote is an example of why Stephen feels so sad.

Post 2 Outside Reading

Post 1 Outside Reading

Post A:

(pg 13)Vigor: active strength or force.
(pg 14) Spangled:to sprinkle or stud with small, bright pieces, objects.

" He looked at the phone and suddenly remembered that Francis owned a pager, so he dashed over to it and plugged it in and quickly punched in the number followed by 911. "Call back," Stephen begged his brother. The pager buzzed somewhere, at a hospital, or in the smashed car, or alongside a dangerous road, but Francis never called back"(pg 20)

This quotes is significant because Stephen just found out his brother had died in a car accident. He was very distressed because his brother ,Francis, was his best friend. Stephen is trying to reach out and talk to him one last time.

Post B:

Wolf Boy is a pretty decent book. Right in the first chapter Stephen's brother Francis dies. It is very sad because Stephen doesn't know how to cope with it. His mother seems very distressed after Francis's death she hasn't made dinner for the family. She has just stayed in her room and occasionally talks to her family."Gene took a minute to gather himself, then turned and slogged by his family, then turned and slogged by his family, saying only, 'See you back at the ranch,'his voice quavering. When he made it to the Honda he started it up and raced the engine, the pistons screaming on his behalf, and then drove away. Stephen wished later that he had ridden home with his father. That must have been the loneliest drive the old man ever took."(pg 27) This quote help shows that everyone in the family is having a rough time. It also helps show that Stephen wants everyone to be ok and not to be sad.I like the book so far and i'm sure things will get interesting because the title is very interesting.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Outside reading quater two

  • Wolf Boy by Evan Kuhlman
  • Published in 2006
  • Fiction
  • 322 pages
  • I got it in the Literature and Fiction section.
  • I chose my book because I liked the cover and the explanation on the back seemed very interesting!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Sea Inside

I thought The Sea Inside was a good movie. I was shocked to see how much turmoil Ramon was going through. I thought Ramon's request for assisted suicide was natural. He had been living in that condition for 28 years. He was obviously depressed because of his condition. I think the court's response was obvious. Suicide is illegal and they were just going by the law. Although I don't think they should be allowed to stop someone from requesting that if there in that condition. His eventual actions were very sneaky. He spread out all the blame so they could not pin-point it on one person alone.I think the friends who agreed to help him were very sad that he wanted to die but, they could see how miserable he was. They wanted what was best for him.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and The Sea Inside are very similar but they also have their differences.They are similar in the way that both of the main characters had something happen to them that they are paralyzed . They both had days were they felt very good but other days were they felt very depressed.They both imagined they could walk and that they would go to other locations.In The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Bauby could not move at all or even speak, all he could do was twitch one of his eyelids. Bauby had to try and be sane because he really couldn't talk to other people.Ramon on the other hand could move his head and could speak perfectly normal.In my opinion I think The Diving Bell and the Butterfly was more powerful because it is the story of this man who can't move or talk. He feels his body is a diving bell yet his mind is a butterfly. He must imagined things to keep him entertained and sane. It's more powerful to me because it makes you be grateful for all that you have.

In one scene Ramon and Julia are talking about his condition. The camera angle that the directer uses is a high angle from Julia's level. It was used to show that Ramon is lower that Julia because he is paralyzed and helpless. It shows that Julia has the upper hand. In another scene Ramon is talking about how he has to laugh at things. The directer uses a close-up, it creates a more honest feel. He used a close-up to show how helpless and honest Ramon is being in the scene. In one more scene Julia is looking through photos of Ramon before his accident. The directer uses a sequence of shots. He does this to show how happy and joyful Ramon was before the accident, and how much potential he had for his future.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Memoir essay

Scar Tissue was a very insightful book into the life Anthony Kiedis. His life had many twists and turns. Some were good, some were bad but, he wanted to put it all on the table.
The message of Scar Tissue was that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. No matter how bad it may seem, things work out for the better. "All of those relapses, every one of those setbacks that would seem like unnecessary additions to an already tortured experience, are all going to be meaningful"(461)Anthony had gone through some really terrible times. He had nothing at points, he was living on the street selling other people things just to make a quick few bucks.

Anthony Kiedis wrote this book to show readers that his life hasn't always been fame and fortune. That he had gone through terrible things in life."I went home, and I didn't have a lighter, so I tried to light the crack with matches, which was a horrible idea, because the match doesn't stay lit long enough to get the rock going"(317) He used to be a drug addict and it portrays to readers that he had gone thought horrible things, and that he can relate to anyone.He wrote it so he can show people that he is just a normal guy and that he is not some stuck-up Hollywood celebrity.

Anthony used imagery,word choice and tone to really enhance his book. " I began to wonder if I was stuck in repeating my father's pattern of hopping from flower to flower, the girl-o-the-day thing."(276)He uses imagery here to explain how fast he was going from girl to girl just like a bee does to a flower. " A girl with no prior exposure to the disease had to be blissfully unaware of the nefarious tricks of the dope fiend."(357) His word choice is excellent here. He talks about how he has to trick people to into thinking that he is ok.It really shows how desperate his is to be able to do drugs. "Once again, I was home for the holidays with a raging heroin habit."(424) He uses a kind of sarcastic tone to convey that he had once again relapsed. The sarcasm really adds to the book in it's entirety.

Scar Tissue is an excellent book. Anthony's reasons for writing the book and message are so heart-warming. The way he uses imagery, word choice and tone to help show what he was going through. Reading this book really opens your eyes to things in life.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Memoir final section

Summary: The beginning of 1997 Anthony took a trip to New Delhi. The highlight of his trip was when we went to try and meet the Dalai Lama.When he got to the temple the people laughed at him because there was a three year waiting list but, they said they would leave a note. A day later they wanted him to come back and meet with the Dalai Lama, the Dalai Lama liked him so much he invited him to a class that you have to study for fifty years to be able to go to it. Anthony started doing hotel binges again. He went to another rehab and once he got out he got hit by a car. They took him to a hospital and gave him morphine to numb the pain. After he got out of the hospital he relapsed. They fired Dave because he was getting into drugs to much and not really caring about the band and also making a solo album.Lindy their manager quit on them.They wanted their old band mate and friend John to join the band again. They weren't sure he would because he left on a bad note but, he was thrilled to be back in the band. They got a new manager named Rick.Anthony had been sober for six months and relapsed once again. Anthony cut his hair off which he hadn't cut since high school and was down to his tail bone. He met a girl named Claire who he feel in love with. They got into a lot of immature fights. She had been a drug addict too but was sober now. They made a new rule for touring, 5% of the profits go to charities. Claire and Anthony decided to get high together and started going on long drug binges. It affected their relationship greatly and they eventually broke up. Christmas eve Anthony had a moment of clarity and decided to go to rehab. He had a Wednesday sobriety breakfast.Flea got Anthony a dog named Buster. Anthony has now been sober for seven years.

Post 2: The message of Scar Tissue was that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. No matter how bad it may seem, things work out for the better. Anthony Kiedis wrote this book to show readers that his life hasn't always been fame and fortune. That he had gone through terrible things in life. He used to be a drug addict and it portrays to readers that there is a better way to live." I began to wonder if I was stuck in repeating my father's pattern of hopping from flower to flower, the girl-o-the-day thing."He uses imagery here to explain how fast he was going from girl to girl just like a bee does to a flower. " A girl with no prior exposure to the disease had to be blissfully unaware of the nefarious tricks of the dope fiend." His word choice is excellent here. He talks about how he has to trick people to into thinking that he is ok. "Once again, I was home for the holidays with a raging heroin habit." He uses a kind of sarcastic tone to convey that he had once again relapsed and was a drug addict.


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Outside reading, part 5

Post #1: Read two other students' blogs and comment on their blog about their level of insight in regards to their memoir, their blog in general and also something they could improve upon. If two comments have been submitted for a blog, go on to a different blog to comment.

While the Red Hot Chili Peppers were in Japan, they decided they were going to go to Austrailia to meet up with thier friend Zander. They wanted Zander to take John's place in the band. They decided they didn't like Zander's style of playing. They flew out to an island Ko Tao and stayed for a week to just unwind. They found a guy named Arik to take Zander's place and he did pretty decent. Red Hot Chili Peppers got offered to headline Lallapalooza.They had a really good time headlining it. In September 1992 they played the MTV award show and won two awards! Anthony and his friend Hank took a month off to travel the world. The band started writing new songs. They fired Jesse and hired Dave Navarro into the band. October 1993 Anthony's friend River Phoenix died of a drug overdose. Anthony started dating a younger girl named Jaime. Jaime's dad didn't like the relationship and would leave threatening messages on his answering machine. In January 1994 Anthony had been five and a half years sober but he went to the dentist to have his teeth worked on. The dentist gave him Novocain and Valium. He asked to dentist if he could give him Percodans to numb the pain and the dentist did. Anthony then went on to get more heroine and coke to shoot up. Anthony and his girlfriend Jaime went to Honolulu together. Anthony got a call that his friend Kurt Cobain had killed himself. Anthony was deeply hurt by this and wrote songs about it. Anthony's drug use started getting worse and worse. On August 1 everyone celebrated Anthony's sixth year of sobriety, but no-one knew that he had relapsed.Flea started to see that Anthony was into drugs again. On the way to Michigan for Christmas Anthony though he could slowly ween himself off drugs. Anthony checked himself into rehab once again.After getting out of rehab he realized that he didn't love Jaime anymore. A week after getting out of rehab he relapsed again.Anthony was so bad into drugs that he gave a guitar signed by the rolling stones for a little bit of heroine. He flew back out to Michigan to try and get better.

I really enjoy Scar Tissue. It's a really touching story. Red Hot Chili Peppers are one of my favorite bands. I think it is really cool to read how they formed the band and all the the things they had to go through to be as successful as they are today. It is also really sad because Anthony has a really hard time staying sober. Anytime he feels vulnerable or hurt he relapses. I think it is also interesting to see how many band members they went threw to find a sound that they like. Anthony likes to put a lot of metaphors in the book to describe how he is feeling at the time and it's really helpful. You feel as if you are feeling the same emotion because you can relate to his metaphors. Anthony goes threw a lot of girls, he is always looking for the girl of his dreams. The girl of his dreams changes throughout the book as he matures.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Memoir week 3

Hillel rejoined the band, and they started to get back on track with their music. His girlfriend, Jennifer, mom had taken Anthony under her wing and let him stay at her house. She would pay for his food and help him out with stuff. Anthony started disappearing for days to go on long coke binges. Jennifer didn't like it.The writing of the second album was going well.A big producer Malcolm McLaren wanted to sign the band but he wanted to change what kind of music they played and how they looked. The band didn't want to sell themselves out so they asked producer George Clinton if he would make their new record and he agreed. They recorded the second album at George's house on a lake. Anthony decided to stay sober that month so he could focus on the music more.After the album was made Anthony and his girlfriend started doing heroin more and more.Flea didn't like it any longer and fired Anthony from the band. He decided to visit his mom and go to a rehab. Once he got out Flea let him back into the band but his sobriety only lasted about two months.Anthony broke up with Jennifer but she kept following him.Hillel OD'ed and died. Anthony was devastated he couldn't even go to the funeral. Since Hillel was dead they needed a new drummer and they offered a guy named Chad the job if he shaved his head. Which,he did.

Anthony Kiedis:

Anthony was born November 1,1962 in Michigan.He is the lead singer of a band called the Red Hot Chili Peppers.His parents names are John and Peggy. They divorced when he was three years old.He started to get heavy into drug use by the end of highschool.He went to UCLA but only for a year, he then dropped out because he was too heavy into drugs.His best friend Hillel died of an overdose. He had a son on October 2, 2007. His name is Everly B. Kiedis.His band is now one of the biggest bands in the world.

Whole Book Summary:
The book up to now has been really fascinating. It's strengths are that it goes in in depth into the thoughts and emotions of Anthony at the time. He uses metaphors to describe what's going on in his mind. One of it's weaknesses is that the time line goes back in forth from past to present in the book.I think it is eye opening how much drugs can take over someone's life and that's all they think about. Their life revolves around it.This can relate to real life because thier are so many people who are lost and junkies in the world. I think Anthony is going to get even deeper into drugs and screw up a lot more of his relationships.I really enjoy the book so far. It's a little graphic but I still like it.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Memoir Sections 1-2

Section 1
Anthony Kiedis had been hanging out with his Mexican drug dealer Mario when he realized that he had a concert in Arizona that night with his band The Red Hot Chili Peppers. They decided to go to this house to try and buy some drugs before the show, but as Anthony waited outside two men attacked him with knifes and he blocked the stabs with his only possession his beloved leather coat.Anthony called his friend Lindy to pick him up for the show because he needed somewhere to be. Anthony then talks about how his dad and mom divorced and his dad became a big drug dealer in West Hollywood. He then moved in with his dad and started a new school. He started to like it but he was a social outcast. He finally met a friend named Shawn. Anthony and his dad became very close. In July in the summer of 1975 his mom got remarried to a man named Steve.Anthony then grew apart from Shawn and made a new friend named John. John and Anthony started trying to be pot dealers but it wasn't as great as they thought. Anthony then started highschool at Fairfax High he met a guy his age named Michael Balzary known as Flea. They soon became inseparable they started to get into the punk scene by going to concerts and dressing crazy. Senior year came around and Anthony grades started to slip but he got into UCLA.

I think Anthony has a very interesting life. It is full of chaos and confusion. His dad is a drug dealer and Anthony has gotten into drugs which is a bad thing, but i think it will make for a very interesting life. So far I am really enjoying the book and Anthony likes to put metaphors throughout the book which I love.

Section 2
10 loaded words:
- exponentially

It's loaded because it means to increase by a lot.
My reaction is shocked because he is saying his drug use increased exponentially, which is bad. negative reaction.
It means to be engaged then dumped badly
I feel sad because he's talking about a single mother who needed helped raising her kids. negative reaction.
Ii means to protect oneself like as in a capsule. Protect feelings
He talks about how he is trying to protect his heart from a girl named Haya.negative reaction.
It means to make obvious. Can't not notice.
His drug used got really bad and he couldn't stop and everyone started noticing. negative reaction.
It means barely, no-one
It was there third show and they're wasn't really anyone there. negative reaction.
Mean, Rude
People were giving them mean looks about their music. negative reaction.
Vibrant, Outgoing
He was wearing a very flamboyant outfit. positive reaction.
not respectable, doesn't care, not responsible
Jennifer's dad thought Anthony was a hooligan. positive reaction.
trying to deceive, put off.
He was giving his landlord objects instead of money while he was spending the money on drugs. negative reaction.
really careful.
he used to be careful about cleaning needles but now he didn't care. negative reaction.

When Anthony started UCLA his drug habits got much worse. His good friends Hillel, Donde and Flea decided to make a band. Donde was one guitar, Flea on bass and Anthony would sing. Anthony wasn't too happy because he wasn't sure he could really sing but he went along with it. Further into his year at UCLA he needed money so he started doing random crappy jobs like watching dogs and cleaning houses. Anthony then met a girl named Haya he was starting to fall for her but he kept his emotions to himself because he didn't want to get hurt. He got a job at a graphic company but then soon became a cocaine and heroine addict.In 1981 he decided UCLA did not fit his wild lifestyle and dropped out.Him and Flea started living on the street but it didn't bother them. Anthony realized he didn't just have to sing in his band, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, he could also rap. He played his first show sober and he had a huge adrenaline rush. He started writing more songs. Flea, Hillel and Anthony then moved into a apartment together. Flea and Anthony could either pay their rent or buy theses nice leather jackets and they bought the leather jackets. Their third show they played only wearing socks covering their family jewels. A man named Eric saw them that night and offered to be their lawyer. Hillel then quit the band and they got a new member Dix. Anthony met a girl named Jennifer and was in awe of her. They didn't like how Dix played the guitar so they fired him. Flea then threatened to quit because Anthony's drug use was very bad. The Band got a producer named Andy Gill. Jennifer's and Anthony relationship was starting to rely on heroine and other drugs. Anthony then decided he should visit his mother but on the way he got in a car accident and was put in the hospital for one week. After the accident he went to a hotel and did a week long drug binge. Jack then quit the band and Flea and Anthony want Hillel back but they need to find him.

I think Anthony is going down a bad road especially with his relationship with Jennifer. His band seems to be getting more serious with their music though. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are really starting to invent themselves now when all the big bands at the time were band like Poison. I think it's interesting what is happening because his life is just so random and adventurous I really enjoy this book.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"This I believe"


Tim Stark

Stress Yields a Sweeter Life

His belief is that in a world of stress and chaos it brings out his best qualities.

One example is he had heat rugs on the seeds of his tomato plants and he was in New York and he wasn't sure if he put the thermometer in the rug to make sure it didn't set on fire. So he flew all the way back to check on his plants.Another example is every morning he had to wake up at 4 a.m to check on his tomatoes to make sure they weren't infected or smashed.

"These days, at the peak of summer, I get four hours of sleep where once I got two. I believe in managed stress. It sweetens the tomatoes. I like to think it sweetens me, too."

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

anxious about / goals Edina High School

The thing I am most anxious about at Edina High School is staying on top of my homework. I usually put it off until too late in the day so I then don't do it which, causes me to have bad grades. This year though I am going to try harder to not fall behind.

One goal for myself in my sophomore year is to have a really good school year academically. I would love getting high grades and not worrying if I will pass a class and have to re-take it or not get into a good college because my grades are lacking.