Friday, October 26, 2007

Memoir essay

Scar Tissue was a very insightful book into the life Anthony Kiedis. His life had many twists and turns. Some were good, some were bad but, he wanted to put it all on the table.
The message of Scar Tissue was that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. No matter how bad it may seem, things work out for the better. "All of those relapses, every one of those setbacks that would seem like unnecessary additions to an already tortured experience, are all going to be meaningful"(461)Anthony had gone through some really terrible times. He had nothing at points, he was living on the street selling other people things just to make a quick few bucks.

Anthony Kiedis wrote this book to show readers that his life hasn't always been fame and fortune. That he had gone through terrible things in life."I went home, and I didn't have a lighter, so I tried to light the crack with matches, which was a horrible idea, because the match doesn't stay lit long enough to get the rock going"(317) He used to be a drug addict and it portrays to readers that he had gone thought horrible things, and that he can relate to anyone.He wrote it so he can show people that he is just a normal guy and that he is not some stuck-up Hollywood celebrity.

Anthony used imagery,word choice and tone to really enhance his book. " I began to wonder if I was stuck in repeating my father's pattern of hopping from flower to flower, the girl-o-the-day thing."(276)He uses imagery here to explain how fast he was going from girl to girl just like a bee does to a flower. " A girl with no prior exposure to the disease had to be blissfully unaware of the nefarious tricks of the dope fiend."(357) His word choice is excellent here. He talks about how he has to trick people to into thinking that he is ok.It really shows how desperate his is to be able to do drugs. "Once again, I was home for the holidays with a raging heroin habit."(424) He uses a kind of sarcastic tone to convey that he had once again relapsed. The sarcasm really adds to the book in it's entirety.

Scar Tissue is an excellent book. Anthony's reasons for writing the book and message are so heart-warming. The way he uses imagery, word choice and tone to help show what he was going through. Reading this book really opens your eyes to things in life.

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