Sunday, October 21, 2007

Outside reading, part 5

Post #1: Read two other students' blogs and comment on their blog about their level of insight in regards to their memoir, their blog in general and also something they could improve upon. If two comments have been submitted for a blog, go on to a different blog to comment.

While the Red Hot Chili Peppers were in Japan, they decided they were going to go to Austrailia to meet up with thier friend Zander. They wanted Zander to take John's place in the band. They decided they didn't like Zander's style of playing. They flew out to an island Ko Tao and stayed for a week to just unwind. They found a guy named Arik to take Zander's place and he did pretty decent. Red Hot Chili Peppers got offered to headline Lallapalooza.They had a really good time headlining it. In September 1992 they played the MTV award show and won two awards! Anthony and his friend Hank took a month off to travel the world. The band started writing new songs. They fired Jesse and hired Dave Navarro into the band. October 1993 Anthony's friend River Phoenix died of a drug overdose. Anthony started dating a younger girl named Jaime. Jaime's dad didn't like the relationship and would leave threatening messages on his answering machine. In January 1994 Anthony had been five and a half years sober but he went to the dentist to have his teeth worked on. The dentist gave him Novocain and Valium. He asked to dentist if he could give him Percodans to numb the pain and the dentist did. Anthony then went on to get more heroine and coke to shoot up. Anthony and his girlfriend Jaime went to Honolulu together. Anthony got a call that his friend Kurt Cobain had killed himself. Anthony was deeply hurt by this and wrote songs about it. Anthony's drug use started getting worse and worse. On August 1 everyone celebrated Anthony's sixth year of sobriety, but no-one knew that he had relapsed.Flea started to see that Anthony was into drugs again. On the way to Michigan for Christmas Anthony though he could slowly ween himself off drugs. Anthony checked himself into rehab once again.After getting out of rehab he realized that he didn't love Jaime anymore. A week after getting out of rehab he relapsed again.Anthony was so bad into drugs that he gave a guitar signed by the rolling stones for a little bit of heroine. He flew back out to Michigan to try and get better.

I really enjoy Scar Tissue. It's a really touching story. Red Hot Chili Peppers are one of my favorite bands. I think it is really cool to read how they formed the band and all the the things they had to go through to be as successful as they are today. It is also really sad because Anthony has a really hard time staying sober. Anytime he feels vulnerable or hurt he relapses. I think it is also interesting to see how many band members they went threw to find a sound that they like. Anthony likes to put a lot of metaphors in the book to describe how he is feeling at the time and it's really helpful. You feel as if you are feeling the same emotion because you can relate to his metaphors. Anthony goes threw a lot of girls, he is always looking for the girl of his dreams. The girl of his dreams changes throughout the book as he matures.

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Erich R said...

Your blog provides a lot of insight to the lives of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and you describe the events well. The only thing you could improve on is the maybe a little better organization?? Yeah its good though.