Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Sea Inside

I thought The Sea Inside was a good movie. I was shocked to see how much turmoil Ramon was going through. I thought Ramon's request for assisted suicide was natural. He had been living in that condition for 28 years. He was obviously depressed because of his condition. I think the court's response was obvious. Suicide is illegal and they were just going by the law. Although I don't think they should be allowed to stop someone from requesting that if there in that condition. His eventual actions were very sneaky. He spread out all the blame so they could not pin-point it on one person alone.I think the friends who agreed to help him were very sad that he wanted to die but, they could see how miserable he was. They wanted what was best for him.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and The Sea Inside are very similar but they also have their differences.They are similar in the way that both of the main characters had something happen to them that they are paralyzed . They both had days were they felt very good but other days were they felt very depressed.They both imagined they could walk and that they would go to other locations.In The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Bauby could not move at all or even speak, all he could do was twitch one of his eyelids. Bauby had to try and be sane because he really couldn't talk to other people.Ramon on the other hand could move his head and could speak perfectly normal.In my opinion I think The Diving Bell and the Butterfly was more powerful because it is the story of this man who can't move or talk. He feels his body is a diving bell yet his mind is a butterfly. He must imagined things to keep him entertained and sane. It's more powerful to me because it makes you be grateful for all that you have.

In one scene Ramon and Julia are talking about his condition. The camera angle that the directer uses is a high angle from Julia's level. It was used to show that Ramon is lower that Julia because he is paralyzed and helpless. It shows that Julia has the upper hand. In another scene Ramon is talking about how he has to laugh at things. The directer uses a close-up, it creates a more honest feel. He used a close-up to show how helpless and honest Ramon is being in the scene. In one more scene Julia is looking through photos of Ramon before his accident. The directer uses a sequence of shots. He does this to show how happy and joyful Ramon was before the accident, and how much potential he had for his future.

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