Sunday, October 7, 2007

Memoir week 3

Hillel rejoined the band, and they started to get back on track with their music. His girlfriend, Jennifer, mom had taken Anthony under her wing and let him stay at her house. She would pay for his food and help him out with stuff. Anthony started disappearing for days to go on long coke binges. Jennifer didn't like it.The writing of the second album was going well.A big producer Malcolm McLaren wanted to sign the band but he wanted to change what kind of music they played and how they looked. The band didn't want to sell themselves out so they asked producer George Clinton if he would make their new record and he agreed. They recorded the second album at George's house on a lake. Anthony decided to stay sober that month so he could focus on the music more.After the album was made Anthony and his girlfriend started doing heroin more and more.Flea didn't like it any longer and fired Anthony from the band. He decided to visit his mom and go to a rehab. Once he got out Flea let him back into the band but his sobriety only lasted about two months.Anthony broke up with Jennifer but she kept following him.Hillel OD'ed and died. Anthony was devastated he couldn't even go to the funeral. Since Hillel was dead they needed a new drummer and they offered a guy named Chad the job if he shaved his head. Which,he did.

Anthony Kiedis:

Anthony was born November 1,1962 in Michigan.He is the lead singer of a band called the Red Hot Chili Peppers.His parents names are John and Peggy. They divorced when he was three years old.He started to get heavy into drug use by the end of highschool.He went to UCLA but only for a year, he then dropped out because he was too heavy into drugs.His best friend Hillel died of an overdose. He had a son on October 2, 2007. His name is Everly B. Kiedis.His band is now one of the biggest bands in the world.

Whole Book Summary:
The book up to now has been really fascinating. It's strengths are that it goes in in depth into the thoughts and emotions of Anthony at the time. He uses metaphors to describe what's going on in his mind. One of it's weaknesses is that the time line goes back in forth from past to present in the book.I think it is eye opening how much drugs can take over someone's life and that's all they think about. Their life revolves around it.This can relate to real life because thier are so many people who are lost and junkies in the world. I think Anthony is going to get even deeper into drugs and screw up a lot more of his relationships.I really enjoy the book so far. It's a little graphic but I still like it.

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