Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Post 1 Outside Reading

Post A:

(pg 13)Vigor: active strength or force.
(pg 14) Spangled:to sprinkle or stud with small, bright pieces, objects.

" He looked at the phone and suddenly remembered that Francis owned a pager, so he dashed over to it and plugged it in and quickly punched in the number followed by 911. "Call back," Stephen begged his brother. The pager buzzed somewhere, at a hospital, or in the smashed car, or alongside a dangerous road, but Francis never called back"(pg 20)

This quotes is significant because Stephen just found out his brother had died in a car accident. He was very distressed because his brother ,Francis, was his best friend. Stephen is trying to reach out and talk to him one last time.

Post B:

Wolf Boy is a pretty decent book. Right in the first chapter Stephen's brother Francis dies. It is very sad because Stephen doesn't know how to cope with it. His mother seems very distressed after Francis's death she hasn't made dinner for the family. She has just stayed in her room and occasionally talks to her family."Gene took a minute to gather himself, then turned and slogged by his family, then turned and slogged by his family, saying only, 'See you back at the ranch,'his voice quavering. When he made it to the Honda he started it up and raced the engine, the pistons screaming on his behalf, and then drove away. Stephen wished later that he had ridden home with his father. That must have been the loneliest drive the old man ever took."(pg 27) This quote help shows that everyone in the family is having a rough time. It also helps show that Stephen wants everyone to be ok and not to be sad.I like the book so far and i'm sure things will get interesting because the title is very interesting.

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