Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Post 3 Outside Reading

Post A:

(pg 100)Fared: to turn out.
(pg 110)Begrudgingly:to be reluctant to give.

"Above him, the sky was a deep seawater blue, perfect for swimming in if his brother was still up there, and the sun was curling light into everything living, including Stephen. It was late June, and ever though his brother was still very dead at least life was starting to cook."(pg 96)

This quote is significant because Stephan still misses his brother and thinks about him often, but is very pleased that friends and family have started to move on a little. Things are slowly going back to as normal as they can be.

Post B:

Wolfboy is very deep. It shows the inner turmoil someone goes through when something tragic happens. Stephen always thinks about Francis and swear he sees him everywhere they used to go together. It is how he copes with his death. He goes to the woods a lot and "talks" to Francis or just wanders and looks at mushrooms. Francis was fascinated by mushrooms. Stephen has become very interested in them and has started doing everything his brother loved. His father is still very upset and same with his mother. Stephen feels as though she doesn't even notice him anymore and is deeply saddened."Stephen panicked, felt too far away from his own life. He climbed down quickly and ran into the house.' I'm Home,' he said loudly.' I didn't know you were not home' Helen said from the kitchen."(pg 100) That quote is an example of why Stephen feels so sad.

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