Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Post 4 Outside Reading

Post A:

Feebly(135):physically weak

Juke(165):to make a move intended to deceive

"Helen suddenly wasn't feeling right. Too airy, almost weightless, like the forces holding her earthbound had taken a hit. She tried to breathe in deeply, to center herself, but her rhythm was screwy: she could inhale okay, but as soon as she tried to exhale she'd be inhaling again, as if her body was trying to puff itself up with air, aiding buoyancy"(145)

Stephen's mom like everyone else in the family has been feeling weird lately and haven't gone back to their usually selves. This quote shows an example of that, Helen thinks she is floating away from the earth.

Post B:

Stephen has been hanging out with his girlfriend Nicole a lot more lately. They have been drawing their comic books more and more and the story lines relate to there life. The man who hit Francis's car and killed him came and visited the family. Stephen then wrote a comic about a villain and, the villain resembles the man in the car and is very bad and accidentally kills or hurts innocent people.Helen Stephen's mother goes crazy and thinks she will float away.She goes to the Emergency Room and they give her depressants but they don't work so, she checks into a mental hospital for three days.She feels as though her husband doesn't love her anymore as shown in this quote. "Where did it all go? Passion and love, those crazy kids, must have run off together, she though.'Come back you liars' she asked of them. Or maybe it was the waves that night at the dunes, wetting the sand again and again, that whispered lies to Helen about continuance , that Gene's love would stay, that the children she would someday bear would grow up and grow old. Or was it Gene who said, and sang, those lies."(158)As you can see she is deeply saddened by her husband. Having her son Francis die is making her re-think all her relationships.

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