Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Outside Reading 1-15-08

Post A:

Gauge(278): to estimate

Guffawed(235): To laugh heartily and boisterously.

"But the she saw Francis, in tattered black shades, attempting to swim alongside the highway in a ditch that held maybe five inches of rainwater.She honked the car horn and wished him peace,but decided not to stop."(288)

Jasmine,Francis's girlfriend, was driving along and saw another hallucination of Francis swimming.This quote is important because if she would have seen him any time earlier she would have stopped and tried to catch up with him. This quote shows that she is moving on with her life.

Post B:

Stephen's birthday had come and he was very disappointed because he did not see Francis's ghost/hallucination. His parents gave him a meager gift and Stephen was really saddened by it. Helen,Gene,Stephen,Nicole and Crispy went out to stargaze one night. Gene had been trying to put his family back together. He went to some of Helen's group therapy meetings. He had been spending more and more time with Stephen and Crispy.Helen and Gene seemed to have started to re-connect but Helen wants to get a divorce and move somewhere warm where she can be a teacher.Everyone seems to be moving on with there lives since Francis's death.

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