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Top Ten List

Top Ten List
This is a list of the top ten things you should know about Wolf Boy before reading it.

1. Plot.
Wolf Boy is a very deep story about a family where something horrible happens and it flips their world upside down. Francis one of the sons dies in a terrible car accident and everyone in the family gets greatly impacted by it.The Mother goes off the deep end. The Father acts as if he doesn't have a family anymore.Stephen the younger brother tries to keep his family together and help his girlfriend Nicole with her problems.Stephen starts writing comics to let out his emotions and they relate to what is happening at the time.

Stephen was really close to his brother and his death really affected him. He doesn't know how to let out his feelings.He starts to write comics called Wolf Boy. Every comic relates to what is happening in his life at the time and you can see how he feels about the situation which is really interesting.He sells the comics at the gas station.His girlfriend Nicole helps with the illustrations. His dad is really saddened when he finds the comics because the comics lack a father figure in them.

Stephen is the younger brother of Francis. Stephen is the main character in the book. He holds most of weight of what happened on his shoulders.He tries his hardest to keep the family together. He was extremely close to Francis and was the person the most affected by it.He sits in the forest where him and his brother used to play as children and he just sits there and thinks about things.

Hallucinations are a very big and strange part of this book.After Francis's death Stephen and Francis's girlfriend start seeing hallucinations of Francis. Most of the hallucinations involve Francis in some sort of body of water. Stephen's mom also hallucinates that she is floating up and can not stay on the ground, which shows that she feels detached from the world.At first they find the hallucinations weird but then they start to try and "find Francis" more and more often. They try and figure out why this is happening and what it is supposed to mean.

5.Francis's Death
Francis was the older brother to Stephen and Crispy, a son to Gene and Helen and a boyfriend to Nicole. Everyone was very close to each other. Francis and Nicole had to go to a debate about mushrooms,one of Francis's favorite interests, on a cold blizzardy day.They slid out and a truck hit the car. Francis flew out of the car because he wasn't wearing a seatbelt. The driver of the truck just sat in his truck not doing anything. Nicole called for help and stayed by Francis's side. Francis's death impacted everyone.The family could not get back to normal life.

6.Mom goes to jail.
Helen,Francis's mom, was so upset because the state kept accidentally resending her the death certificate of Francis. She was so upset that one day she went to the office and brutally attacked one of the workers.Security came and took her away. She had to stay in jail before her husband bailed her out. After that she had to go to meetings for a year. She liked attacking the woman and felt good about it. She felt that is was one of the only ways she could get closure from Francis's death. The family supported her and was worried about her mental state.

The setting of this story is in a suburban town.Most readers could relate to the setting. Some parts of the book have hallucinations in the them and they go to different strange places for example when Nicole went and swam with Francis by diving into the T.V.They describe the area where Francis had his accident as gloomy and sad. Any place involving Francis is describe as depressing.

8.Evan Kuhlman
Evan Kuhlman is the author of Wolf Boy. One interesting thing about that is Evan lost an older brother at a young age in a car accident just as in Wolf Boy.Wolf Boy was the first book he had written it as a student in the graduate creative writing program at Miami University.Evan wanted to add something interesting and different to his books, that is why he actually added comics into the book to give you a deeper understanding about what was going on. Evan is a highly reviewed author.

9.Stephen smokes
Stephen secretly met up with Nicole to visit Francis's grave.Stephen learns that his brother wasn't the perfect kid like he though he was. Francis turned out to be a big stoner. Stephen wanted to be like his brother so he asked Nicole if she had any pot. He smoked for his first time and then visited Francis's grave. Although that is not a good message it is really cool that Stephen felt a connection when he went to "visit" Francis.He did not smoke later through out the book but he talks about it and is fascinated that his brother did it regularly.

Love was really scarce after Francis's death.Stephen's father cheated on his mother. Stephen's mother plans on getting a divorce.Nicole can't seem find someone she loved as much as she loved Francis. Stephen and his girlfriend are the only ones who seemed to get closer after his death. They relied on each other as each others support systems. Towards the end everyone tries to mend things with each other but things can never be the same.

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